Equipment Specifications

We utilize state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly, cleaning technology

Hot And Mighty™ MCS-3008 Mobile Cleaning System With Washwater Recovery and Recycling

Pressure Washing SystemOur custom-built, EPA compliant, mobile cleaning system is powered by a MCS-3008-1H6G pressure washer. This unit can operate with either one or two operators at 3000 PSI. The trailer is 7′ x 20′ with tandem 6000 LB axles and holds a 535 gallon water supply tank. Each of two heavy-duty hose reels holds two hundred feet of high pressure hose.

The hallmark of this surface cleaner is a wash water recovery and recycling system that is able to operate two surface cleaners at the same time. The recycling system separates and filtrates the wash water down to 20 microns for reuse in the onboard pressure washer. This state-of-the-art mobile cleaning system is fully compliant with all County, State and Federal regulations governing discharge of non-storm water.

 MCS-3008-0K6G running hot or cold water with 400′ of 5,800 PSI high pressure hose supports:

    • One operator running 7.8 GPM @3000 PSI
    • Two operators running 3.9 GPM @3000 PSI

Recovers and recycles over 98% of wash water:

    • 535 gallon water tank  with auto shut-off
    • DOT approved 15 gallon stainless sand catcher primary interceptor tank
    • DOT approved 30 gallon stainless secondary interceptor waste tank
    • Recycling system filters water down to 20 Microns for reuse in pressure washer

Eco Friendly

    • 150 gallon oil and solid harvester handles large dirt loads
    • Removes pollutants and toxic compounds from the environment
    • No discharge to storm drains
    • Fully compliant with the Clean Water Act

Tough enough to handle any commercial pressure washing job

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